Greetings Fellow Chileheads,

          Welcome to the world of Hot & Spicy Foods. Our products vary from tongue ticklers to incendiary throat scorchers. The most important thing we have tried to do in selecting our premium Hot Sauces, Salsas, Bar-B-Qs, Chiles a nd Spices is to combine maximum flavour and taste with heat.
          Medical researches have concluded that Chile Peppers are loaded with vitamins A & C. Hot Peppers actually protect the stomach by increasing moisture flow and promoting the release of endorphins, a natural pain killer. A Bri tish study suggests 3/5 teaspoon of hot sauce raises metabolism, burning an extra 45 calories over 3 hours time. Hot Sauces are really good for you.
          Perhaps the most significant benefit of these hot and spicy products is the flavor it adds to all foods, especially low fat and low sodium foods. Experiment at every meal with these unique items. Turn every meal into a flav our, spicy food adventure.
          Thanks for your patronage and remember: "Keep the Fire Burning!!"

Chief Chilehead,